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If your marriage is on the rocks, you need a safe place to get answers.  You need to know what to expect, what to do, and when to do it -- without having to spend a fortune.  You deserve to be heard, understood, and safe.  This is that safe space.
A multi-billion-dollar industry has been built around taking advantage of women who are contemplating or going through divorce. The system is stacked against you. Divorce “professionals” (therapists, lawyers, mediators, and forensic accountants) bill by the hour.  They financially benefit when you are indecisive and uninformed.  While women try to figure out how to first save their marriage and then how to end it, the divorce “professionals” line their pockets.
I know this story from both sides of the negotiating table. I experienced a high-conflict divorce myself and now run a family law practice focused on helping women navigate the legal minefields and outsmart the system so they can get to a new life with their sanity intact and their money where it belongs: in the bank. 
The DivorceHacker Support Group is a secret Facebook group that gives women this same insider information. We’ll discuss how to get what you need, let go of what is not working, avoid common pitfalls, and create a new and better life.  We’ll talk about what to avoid with the divorce “professionals” and how to handle them, as well as how to handle your spouse.
I will be on the page every day answering questions, providing strategic advice and information about the law, the system, and what to expect, so that you will be informed and knowledgeable. I also invite you to share your story, learn from others, and be part of a supportive community.   
Divorce is hard enough as it is. You need a safe place where people get what you are going through – and I get it. Everyone here does, too. So do not despair if you are in that yucky place not knowing what to do, but knowing that something must be done.  We’ve been there and we know how it feels.  And together, we will rise up and take back our power so that we can create the lives we’ve always envisioned. 


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Join us at The DivorceHacker Support Group for an ongoing discussion about what you need to do to protect yourself and create a better life. Use the form below to apply to join us. We will normally respond within 72 hours to approve your membership. During the launch phase, I will approve every member. As we grow, existing members will be empowered to invite other women.

NOTE:  The purpose of The Divorce Hacker Support Group is not to bash men, but rather to lift each other up and learn from one another’s experiences.  I will remove any posts if the tone does not support the mission of the site, or that I deem to be demeaning, mean-spirited or unhelpful.

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